To get (clone) one of these trees anonymously, install git and run:

git clone git:// (or: git clone

If you want to be able to commit or push (provided that you have a user account and access to that repository), use the following URI instead:

ssh:// (or just: git clone

For requesting a user account, adding public SSH RSA keys to you account, requesting access to some repository, setting up a new repository, or hosting an already existing one, please contact the Git admin ( For more information about the Git setup, see the wiki page.

If you are not seeing all the repositories you should see, try to login!


Project Description Owner Last Change
anne-survey.git Anne's hip survey shizzle bram 7 years ago
eilduscd.git ILDUS client for embedded... paul 8 years ago
gnoemoe.git GTK+/GNOME based MOO-client... paul 11 years ago
ildus.git ILDUS Luon dynamic DNS update... paul 7 years ago
luonsite.git Luon's homepage paul 3 years ago
plemp-node.git Web application for an online... paul 6 years ago
plemp.git Web application for an online... paul 6 years ago
testing.git A test/sandbox repository gitolite No commits
users/admar/rubberin.git Unnamed repository; edit this... admar 3 months ago
users/admar/wordclock.git Fork of Paul's wordclock repos... admar 6 years ago
users/bram/contextfree.git Unnamed repository; edit this... bram 4 years ago
users/bram/dvcamapp.git HTTP server for streaming... bram 9 years ago
users/bram/eilduscd.git Fork of marcelm's eilduscd... bram 7 years ago
users/bram/scripts.git A collection of random scripts bram 3 years ago
users/bram/stoptime.git Fork of paul's stoptime reposi... bram 6 years ago
users/bram/wereld.git A procedurally generated world... bram 7 years ago
users/marcelm/eilduscd.git Unnamed repository; edit this... marcelm 7 years ago
users/paul/debian/gnome-recipes.git Unnamed repository; edit this... paul 10 months ago
users/paul/dotfiles.git Homedir configuration files paul 7 months ago
users/paul/gst-play.git GStreamer launch wrapper script paul 8 years ago
users/paul/harbour-sailhue.git Unnamed repository; edit this... paul 4 years ago
users/paul/hued.git Philips (friends of) hue polic... paul 7 months ago
users/paul/luon-radio.git Scripts that manage Luon Radio; paul 9 months ago
users/paul/music-sync.git Unnamed repository; edit this... paul 2 months ago
users/paul/openra-intel.git Web interface to browse and... paul 2 years ago
users/paul/restic-cron.git Unnamed repository; edit this... paul 14 months ago
users/paul/rubberin.git A Rubber wrapper using inotify paul 3 months ago
users/paul/ssh-fpr.git SSH key fingerprint utility paul 9 years ago
users/paul/stoptime.git The Stop… Camping Time! time... paul 38 hours ago
users/paul/website.git Personal website paul 5 years ago
users/paul/wishlists.git A web application for handling... paul 7 months ago
users/paul/wordclock.git Arduino source code for Doug... paul 6 years ago
users/paul/xbmc-wiimote.git Improved XBMC event client... paul 5 years ago