Game development/design experiments
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Spelspul is my attempt at some game development experiments using the Zig programming language with the Simple DirectMedia Layer C library.

There isn't actually much to see here yet, only a simple title screen.


Spelspul has only been tested on Linux for now, but it should in theory work on other operating systems as well. Cross-compilation isn't supported yet.

To build Spelspul you will need:

  • A recent build of the Zig master branch (Since Zig is is still in the pre-1.0 phase, there are still breaking changes to the compiler and standard library being made. Spelspul tracks those changes closely, so although there exist pre-1.0 releases of Zig, they will not work for this project.)
  • SDL2 development files (e.g. the libsdl2-dev package on Debian/Ubuntu)
  • pkg-config

Building and running

In the Spelspul source tree, run zig build run to build and run a debug build, or zig build run -Drelease-fast to build and run a release build with safety features turned off. After building, the binary is located at ./zig-cache/bin/spelspul by default. See zig build --help for more options.


  • F11 toggles fullscreen
  • Escape quits the program
  • ...more to come!


To be determined.


You can find my email address on my GitHub profile.