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= Stop… Camping Time! release news
== 1.16.0
* Moved to Bootstrap 3! [#c36555]
* Reworked all forms, tables, buttons, alerts, etc.
* Made all views responsive, should be usable by smartphones and tablets
* Made the menu bar responsive
* Added some missing headers in several views
* Added a Register time button to the timeline view;
this can be used on (extra) small form-factor devices where the
time entry table row will be hidden
* Use two-column layout for the invoices view
* Replaced Bootstrap 2.0 files by the files of version 3.3.5
* Replace Glyphicon images by the new Glyphicon font files
* Clean up source code and wrap it to 80 characters
* Replace hash notation by the more-modern Ruby keyword notation
Other bugfixes:
* Hide registered time header if there are no time enries
* Many small bugfixes and inconsistencies in the HTML/styling
== 1.14.0