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Paul van Tilburg d5b5e0e4e0 Fix column cache being out-of-sync after migration 2014-10-18 21:27:26 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 507010172f Fix payed→payed column rename migration 2014-10-18 21:26:55 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg b7de738866 Fix broken migration that cannot access config 2014-10-18 21:26:14 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 21091e914e Fix broken period calculation initialisation 2014-10-18 21:25:51 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 3e1ed8af58 Make ActiveRecord query calls compatible with AR4 2014-10-18 21:25:26 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 97b6098bcd Round total time of tasks to two decimals
This fixes misrepresentation errors.  This occus for example when a task
has a length that would be represented using a floating point number that
has more than 2 decimals.

For example:  a task of length 59 minutes (i.e. 0.9833333333333333... hour)
is shown on the invoice as having a length of 0.98 hours while in
calculations still the unrounded task length is used.  When a hourly rate
of €100 pe rhour is defined, the invoice will show:

  0.98h x €100/h = €98.33.

which is confusing and although correct given maximal accurancy, it will
obviously not be accepted by book keeping programs.
2014-10-12 17:04:18 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg e61fa8e3cc Merge branch 'development'
This add soms tweaks concerning invoices (use descending order, better
place for the Create a New Invoice button ).
2014-02-11 23:31:47 +01:00
Paul van Tilburg acd2ab46e4 Reorder the invoices when retrieving the last invoice 2014-02-09 14:40:28 +01:00
Paul van Tilburg fd6b853154 Move the 'Create a new invoice' button to a more consistent location 2014-02-07 21:36:09 +01:00
Paul van Tilburg cb14b99f89 Sort invoices in descending order by number by default 2014-02-07 21:22:20 +01:00
Paul van Tilburg 9b17398885 Merge branch 'development' 2014-02-07 21:15:43 +01:00
Paul van Tilburg 407126d9a6 No longer include the BBAN number in the invoice template
As per February, BBAN numbers are no longer supported.
Leave the information in the Customer/CompanyInfo for now.
2014-02-07 21:12:48 +01:00
Paul van Tilburg 3dd4730afe Ignore custom templates 2014-02-07 21:05:16 +01:00
Paul van Tilburg 25b052e864 Support alternative invoice template configuration 2014-02-07 21:04:08 +01:00
Paul van Tilburg 70c0ad4a54 Fix fixed cost tasks being grouped under random projects in customer view 2014-02-07 20:30:38 +01:00
Paul van Tilburg 0f7c731124 Isodoc >= 1.00 is needed to have IBAN/BIC in the invoices 2013-10-12 11:15:29 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg c1c96a2af0 Fix the invoice template to show IBAN/BIC (closes: #688d33)
If IBAN/BIC is set, it is shown instead of the normal account number.
SEPA solves the problem that needs IBAN/BIC is conditionally shown (which
is not possible).
2013-10-04 21:40:33 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 7fcce37903 Fix the invoice template to show IBAN/BIC (closes: #688d33)
If IBAN/BIC is set, it is shown instead of the normal account number.
SEPA solves the problem that needs IBAN/BIC is conditionally shown (which
is not possible).
2013-10-04 21:38:42 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 30fd5ec599 Show a billed fixed-task under itself in the customer_form view
As billed fixed-cost tasks cannot have an active task, the task itself
still is the one that is billed.  Show the task under itself to expose
the fact that it is billed and in which invoice.
2013-07-14 14:37:40 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 19d4efaca3 Indentation fixes 2013-07-14 14:33:12 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 47fca9df2a Handle billed fixed-cost tasks correctly in the customer_form view
Billed fixed-cost tasks will have no active task once they are billed,
because invoicing a fixed-cost will not split off a task but manipulate the
active one into being billed.
2013-07-14 14:32:02 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg de58a979c8 Fix syntax error in case of no time specification; remove \letter call 2013-07-14 14:04:51 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 368592356c Add also links to time entries in the invoice_form view 2013-07-13 22:49:56 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 9e5ade6eb9 Small refactoring 2013-07-13 22:49:41 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 6798d99d0b Merge branch 'feature/time-spec' into development (closes: #fb896d)
This implements the generation of time specifications which are seen
as an appendix in the invoice (template).  Whether this is generated
can be set globally on a customer or toggled per invoice.
2013-07-13 22:39:28 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 6fca2cdd6e Add a reference to the accompanying specification if enabled on the 1st page 2013-07-13 22:37:50 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 52d4114550 Tweak paragraph spacing a bit (needed in the specification part) 2013-07-13 22:37:50 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 66c46cd7c3 Generate a specification on a new page if enabled for the invoice 2013-07-13 22:37:50 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 6fc2cb87b3 Remove 12pt default for the invoice template 2013-07-13 22:37:50 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg afd037b95e Add the time specification to the invoice_form view; update it
Generation of a time specification appendix can be enabled for each invoice
indepently on whether it is or is not enabled for the customer.  However,
whether it is enabled by default when an invoice is created, that does
follow the setting for the customer.
2013-07-13 22:36:38 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 7a58ae9331 Add the time specification to the customer_form view; update it
If time specifications are enabled for a customer this is considered to be
a global setting for invoices related to this customer.

Note that it will note change any of the existing voices, it will only
affect newly created ones!
2013-07-13 22:35:25 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 17278fac98 Add specification related attributes to the Customer and Invoice model 2013-07-13 22:31:41 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 33e5d047a0 Make the time_entry_form view also use a nested customer/task selector 2013-06-26 20:47:09 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 62dfd04776 Replace the label hack in grouped select forms by a decent optgroup 2013-06-26 20:46:27 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 43e862d5de Tweak the width of the task list table in the customer_form view 2013-06-26 20:45:46 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 073bf11bef Rework the project/task list in the customer_form view (closes: #9a33e4) 2013-06-26 20:23:56 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 06c25d66c9 Move add customer button to the header 2013-06-26 20:23:03 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 5aefde7d44 Merge branch 'development'
2013-06-26 19:09:38 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 2e86eb8b27 Show "None" for absent time entry comments in the time_entries view
There needs to be some kind of placeholder the comment is the thing
to click on when clicking through to the time_entry view.
2013-06-23 22:34:57 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 2b8d4c9111 Include jQuery 1.10.0 directly from public/
This solves all kinds of issues when deploying via HTTPS and jQuery
being retrieved via HTTP.
2013-06-23 22:34:57 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 60e1889072 Fix missing root prefix calls for views
Because we override mab_done in StopTime::Mab, we override the functionality
in Camping::Mab that applies 'self /' on :href, :src and :action attributes
of tags.  Thus, all kinds of links don't get a root/mount prefix.
2013-06-23 22:30:05 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 167c8d1b99 Also order unbilled tasks descending by date in the time_entries view 2013-06-22 12:58:23 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg dc9aaca602 Add .rdoc extension to README to indicate format 2013-06-20 23:17:11 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg abc35b774d Show unbilled items in timeline by default; add dropdown
This reduces the need for pagination in the timeline (refs: #a9faa0).
2013-06-20 23:07:24 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 2278b41d97 Redirect back to referer after creating/updating time entries (closes: #f08f36) 2013-06-20 22:39:00 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg b6d3c628a1 Change default VAT rate to 21% (still overridable in the config) 2013-06-20 22:12:39 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg c982ba5925 Move task information link from date to comment in the time_entries view 2013-06-20 22:08:01 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 7a7a4471e1 Also bill new entries by default in the task_form view 2013-06-20 22:07:20 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 07b655c8db Set default content type to include charset=utf-8 2013-06-20 22:06:52 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg 6634eeae55 Change view headers; add useful contextual information 2013-06-20 22:06:28 +02:00