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= Stop… Camping Time! release news
== 1.17.1
* Fix the number/currency input to allow for all values ≥ 0.00
== 1.17.0
* Add support for choosing what date/time is used for new entries
* Some textual and style tweaks
* Fix crash when showing all entries in the timeline [#89c2a1]
Other bugfixes:
* Fix check that determines if last company info is used
== 1.16.1
* Allow back/forth navigation through company info version
* Only show unbilled time in the customer from (load time improvement!)
* Tweaked some form input sizes
* Add missing view subtitles
== 1.16.0
* Moved to Bootstrap 3! [#c36555]
* Reworked all forms, tables, buttons, alerts, etc.
* Made all views responsive, should be usable by smartphones and tablets
* Made the menu bar responsive
* Added some missing headers in several views
* Added a Register time button to the timeline view;
this can be used on (extra) small form-factor devices where the
time entry table row will be hidden
* Use two-column layout for the invoices view
* Replaced Bootstrap 2.0 files by the files of version 3.3.5
* Replace Glyphicon images by the new Glyphicon font files
* Clean up source code and wrap it to 80 characters
* Replace hash notation by the more-modern Ruby keyword notation
Other bugfixes:
* Hide registered time header if there are no time enries
* Many small bugfixes and inconsistencies in the HTML/styling
== 1.14.0
* Show customer specific time entries in the customer form [#08650a]
* Also allow for registering time for the customer
* Show a grand total of unbilled hours and amount in the overview
== 1.12.1
Small update release to include to missing 1.12 change log and added
a footer with the current version.
== 1.12
* Show a message if there are tasks but no active, don't assume
no tasks exist yet [#19b3cc]
* Escape strings for LaTeX in the invoice template [#3f9d21]
== 1.10
* Invoice select form improvements [#ff83ce]
* Hide empty tasks with an hourly rate
* Don't select time entries in the current month
* Improve the main overview [#02ad0e]
* Show total of unbilled time and earned money (excl. VAT) per customer
* Show only active tasks in the overview
* Use two-column layout
* Reworked all source code documention to use YARD
* Add YARD documentation rake task (and Rakefile)
* Remove old, unused files from the source tree
== 1.8
* Round start and end time of time entries to a given time
resolution [#9f7883]
* Add goto buttons in the time entry view
* Add "Create a new invoice" per customer in the invoices list view [#50f182]
* Add "Remove old" button to remove an old invoice (and thus regenerate it) [#4235ef]
Other bugfixes:
* Fix bug preventing any updats to tasks with AR 4
* Fix invoid period calculation
== 1.6
* Add support for Ruby 2.x; drop support for Ruby 1.8
* Add support for ActiveRecord 4
Other bugfixes:
* Round total time of tasks to two decimals
* Fix missing doctype in main layout
* Fix column cache being out-of-sync after migration
* Fix column rename migration
* Fix broken migration that cannot access config
* Fix broken period calculation initialisation
== 1.4.1
* Sort invoices in descending order by default
* Move the 'Create a new invoice' button to a more consistent location
== 1.4
* Improvements in IBAN support [#688d33]
* Suport alternative invoice templates
* Allow time specifications to be added to invoices [#fb896d]
* Add a flag for a customer to
* Rework the project/task list in the customer view [#9a33e4]
* Show billed task instances and fixed costs by linking to
the invoice
* Add links to billed time entries in the invoice view
* Visual tweaks
* Use isodoc 1.00 (needed for IBAN)
== 1.2
* Default VAT rate set to 21%
* Make links on time entry descriptions and tasks more consistent
* Color customer names on overview and invoices in invoice
lists based on invoice status (yellow: too late, red: far too late)
* Check tasks and time entries by default in the invoice create form
* Lots of other small view tweaks
* Port to Camping 2.x and isodoc 0.10 [#26e4aa] [#804d96]
* Add support for Ruby 1.9
* Include jQuery 1.0
* Enable response Bootstrap CSS
Other bug fixes:
* Redirect back to referer after creating/updating time entries [#f08f36]
* Add a day if the end time is before the start time [#d96685]
* Check task and time entry checkboxes by default in invoice create form [#4fdf84]
* Fix the way the DATE_FORMATS are set to suit AR3.2 [#9dfc93]
== 1.0
First release