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This is just some STM32F4DISCOVERY demo application using Rust.
It has a simple serial command-interface for controlling (via GPIO) what the
LED ring does: cycle clock-wise, counter clock-wise, or follow the
accelerometer. The accelerometer is accessed via SPI.
The project also shows how to do unit testing and how to use GitLab CI.
Serial interface
The serial interface is configured on USART 2 and can be accessed using, for
example, an USB-to-serial cable connected to a ground pin, and RX to PA2 and TX
to PA3.
The interface will output the following lines:
* `init` after initialization has finished
* `button` when the user button has been pressed
* `level` when the board is being held in a perfect level position (when in
acceleration mode)
The following lines can be given as commands:
* `on` to turn all the leds on (and disable accelerometer/cycle mode)
* `off` to turn all the leds off (and disable accelerometer/cycle mode)
* `accel` to switch to accelerometer mode
* `cycle` to switch to cycle mode
* `stop` to freeze the LEDs in the current position
[0-clause BSD license](