Firmware for short term hyper local weather forecast display. Back-end is implemented by

Updated 1 year ago

Housing for

Updated 1 year ago

Electronics for

Updated 12 months ago

A wake-up light for Raspberry Pi

Updated 1 day ago

Updated 14 hours ago

Anne's hip survey shizzle.

Updated 3 years ago

Web service that provides a REST API layer over the My Autarco site/API to get statistical data of your solar panels.

Updated 5 months ago

Docker files for cross-building Debian packages for other architectures of Rust projects using cargo-deb.

Updated 2 months ago

Action for checking out a repo

Updated 5 days ago

ILDUS client for embedded devices.

Updated 3 years ago

A Rust crate for parsing and generating uniform resource identifiers for geographic locations (geo URIs) according to RFC 5870.

Updated 1 month ago

GTK+/GNOME based MOO-client for UNIX.

Updated 3 years ago

A daemon for controlling Philips (friends of) hue lights by applying rules based on conditions. Rules can in turn trigger or ensure execution of certain events or scenes.

Updated 3 years ago

The ILDUS Luon dynamic DNS update service.

Updated 3 years ago

Allows Synapse to use IMAP as a password provider. This allows users to log in to Synapse with their username and password from an IMAP server.

Updated 1 year ago

A tool for synchronizing music based on album selections.

Updated 3 years ago

A web application for an online shared scrap board.

Updated 3 years ago

Web application for an online shared scrap board implemented using Node.

Updated 3 years ago

Web service that provides podcasts for services that don't offer them (anymore).

Updated 2 weeks ago

An action written by Golang to support publishing release to Gitea (not Github Actions compatible)

Updated 3 weeks ago